Louis French

Head Coach & Co-Owner

My coaching journey started when I set up my first gym in 2011. Spending most of my days running the gym and doing casual PT sessions in the usual commercial fashion, which ultimately led to me feeling disheartened with the fitness industry due to the narrow approach it allowed me to take supporting people in their development. It was during this time I completed a Strength & Conditioning course and was fortunate enough to be exposed to a GB Olympic Weightlifting coach.

Looking for something different, I moved into my second venture, running bootcamps and personal training out of a small private fitness studio. I ran this for almost a year before stumbling into CrossFit. I had already been practising some of the physical aspects of CrossFit but it was the ethos and culture surrounding the sport that resonated with my own personal values and I knew I had to be part of it.

The social inclusion, the camaraderie and the constant humbling of the sport, has helped me to not only to develop myself physically but also mentally and holistically.

My belief is that training isn’t only about the physical gains but also the mental strength of which we are all capable.

Loves: Coffee & CrossFit
Hates: RMU

Ashley Fowler

Gym Manager, Coach & Co-Owner

Going to the gym at the age of 18 involved doing the usual Chest & Biceps split. By the age of 22, I began doing more powerlifting, enjoying the thrill of striving for personal bests. This was when I started training with Louis in 2013 and got hooked on Weightlifting.

I actually started CrossFit in 2015 and fell in love with the diversity of the sport.

My love for training and wanting to help others led me to make a huge decision in my life. I decided to leave my career as an electrical operations manager and set up a CrossFit box with my best friend.

I am now a passionate and enthusiastic CrossFit Affiliate Owner. I believe CrossFit can really change lives due to the supportive community-based methodology that is inclusive and flexible, a place where you can grow, learn new skills and build new relationships

Loves: Gymnastics & Weightlifting
Hates: Cardio

Tom Dodds

“The StoneWolf”

Coach & Resident Sadist

Meet Tom he will be our new Thursday Evening CrossFit Coach.
He Started CrossFit in 2017/18 in Melbourne, Australia. After stumbling across the CrossFit Games on YouTube.

CrossFit highlight – Competing on a team at Torian Pro in 2019.

He cant wait to help you with all things CrossFit give him a warm welcome.

Owns a fitness brand Stonewolf ltd

Loves: Heavy deadlifts, BMU’s and going head first into a workout – and then blowing up. Hates: Strict HSPU, pacing, and all things burpees.

Atilla Gilanyi

Coach & Manual Therapist

I have been practicing karate since the age of 7. I have 25 years of experience in Smart Shito karate, Smart Guard, Kyusho Jitsu, Smart Chi Kung, Muay Thai, Thay won do, Yoga

My sporting achievements and experiences as a professional athlete include being a member of the Hungarian National Team: 3 x Amateur Muay Thai Champion, 4 x Pro Muay Thai Champion, 1 x WKN K1 Hungarian Champion.

My treatments offer a balance between the body, mind and soul. Through a complete body treatment, harmonizing your flow of energy, the structure of your body regarding the muscles, joints and skeletal system.

I began working as a manual therapist in Hungary in 2008. In 2010 I started a deep tissue massage and chiropractic methods course at this same time I also attended the school of traditional Chinese medicine studying for over four years.
I received a broad practical knowledge from doctors and professors who have studied in China. The complete basic theory of Chinese Medicine, the meridian system of the body, the efficient treatment of the body’s imbalances through the acupressure points. My last course was in 2018 where I learned the Horus Massage method which is based on the Yumeiho, traditional Japanese meridian massage, a complex treatment, include acupressure and joint mobilizations. It works on the whole body for the good body balance, and a smoother flow of blood and qi.

Loves: Anything on an ERG
Hates: Muscle Ups

Email me for manual therapy inquiries:

Mark Owens


I started CrossFit in 2017, after years of HIIT training in commercial gyms. I was the fad fanatic, if there has been a fitness fad in the past 20 years, I have tried it.

It wasn’t until I joined Urban Outlaws that I realised what it was I had been looking for – becoming a CrossFit athlete and coach.

As a masters’ athlete I continue to be strive for more, as you grow older your dedication seems to increase as you have to work that little bit harder to keep up with the young ones.

I love watching members develop and grow as they learn new skills and there is nothing better than being a part of this and seeing the difference it makes to their training.

Loves: Battle Ropes & Shake Weights
Hates: Double Unders

Chris Colegate


Chris began his coaching life in Ice hockey which he has been involved in since the age of 7.

Chris then started CrossFit in 2017 and quickly became a popular face in the box. The variation in classes, learning new skills and having a laugh with new friends got him instantly hooked. It wasn’t long until Chris wanted to learn more, develop his skills and inevitably coach others. He still works full-time but his passion for coaching and striving to improve makes him an excellent coach and CrossFitter.

A bodyweight ninja, fitness enthusiast and all around nice guy.

Loves: Pull Ups & Chalk
Hates: Heavy Weights Overhead

Rachel Lee

Gymnastic Coach

With a background in acrobatic gymnastics, breakin (breakdance) and pole fitness. Rachel started CrossFit in 2019 after attending a CrossFit Urban Outlaws taster session.

CrossFit highlights –
1st place in forged fitness masters pairs comp in Feb 2020
3rd place in CrossFit Tamworth masters pairs comp March 2020

Rachel enjoys helping people build their confidence in gymnastics and realise what they are capable of..

Loves: Anything upside down, bar muscle ups, Olympic weightlifting
Hates: running, assault bike, wall balls, thrusters

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