Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our Mission Statement

1. To produce elite athletes
2. To strive for excellence at all times, both individually and as a team.
3. To provide a community which provides positive and challenging environment that encourages health, fitness and wellbeing.
4. To ensure that standards for elite fitness are upheld through proper coaching, strong programming, and adherence to CrossFit standards
5. Be inclusive for all those who want to train with us

Our Values

At CrossFit Urban Outlaws our values form the foundation on which we perform and conduct ourselves. These values underlie how we interact with each other, and how we go about our coaching. They are the practices we use every day in everything we do.

1. HONOR. At CrossFit Urban Outlaws we love what we do! All of our coaches are here to help you become a stronger person, both physically and mentally.
2. COURAGE. At CrossFit Urban Outlaws we have the courage to try new things and change it up. If something isn’t working or needs to be changed to better facilitate our members, we will do what is needed to fix it.
3. INTEGRITY. There are many definitions and meanings of Integrity. At CrossFit Urban Outlaws we focus on two in particular. The first is regarded as adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. “Doing what’s right even when no one is looking”. The second is in regards to structure. A sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: “the integrity of a ship’s hull”. These walls are strong because of our members! Integrity defines our gym both structurally and morally!
4. COMMUNITY. At CrossFit Urban Outlaws we are a community above anything else. Every decision we make here is for our members. We want this to be a place you can not only get a workout in but also make lifelong friends.
5. DEDICATION. At CrossFit Urban Outlaws we are dedicated to what we do. We strive for excellence at all times. Our coaches eat, sleep and breathe CrossFit so they can provide you with the best possible programming available.
6. HONESTY. At CrossFit Urban Outlaws we strive to keep everything out in the open and remain truthful and honest with our members and expect the same in return.
7. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. CrossFit Urban Outlaws no one is left behind. If we don’t hear from or see you for some time, you can expect to hear from us. We understand that situations and problems may arise during your time here and want to make sure you know that you will not be forgotten about!
8. HELPING HAND. At CrossFit Urban Outlaws your family! We strive to develop a strong community at our gym. If any of our members or coaches are ever in need, we will come together to lend a helping hand.
9. SAFETY. At CrossFit Urban Outlaws we have Risk Assessments that insures the safety of our members and coaches by properly identifying any hazards that might affect ones safety

Gym Rules

1. GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. Train hard, train UNSCARED hard work is what get’s us to where we want to be in life. Embrace the suffering. However be safe and smart and you will improve and not overtrain.
2. SIGN IN WHEN ENTERING THE GYM. It allows us to monitor class sizes and memberships virtually and lets us know if we have to add more classes. Then grab your log book or device and check your previous data for the WOD or movements and write your name on the whiteboard and hit the posted warm up. If any unfamiliar movements appear on thewarm up get a coach’s attention. Especially important for open gym.
3. INFORM THE COACH OF INJURIES. Waiting until after isn’t impressive or honourable. It’s not safe!
4. LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. Somewhere in the world someone is warming up with your PB. However keep it close by to safely drive your competitive juices.
5. RESPECT OUR EQUIPMENT. Drop as a last resort. Dropping weight is not a convenience. Bumpers are designed for emergency dropping. If you are dropping every other rep of Fran you probably are using too much weight. Control the load, don’t let the load control you. NEVER drop an empty barbell. Our equipment was expensive, and the more we have to replace, the more we have to charge you.
6. CLEAN UP! Put stuff back where it belongs when you’re done and keep the chalk in the bucket. Hang jump ropes on proper length hook. Clean off any bars, which may contain your sweat and/or your blood with wipes. Pick up your used tape, pens, notebooks, scrap papers, chalk, plasters, water bottles and sweaty clothes.
7. RESPECT THE COACH and listen while the coach is going over points of performance. No one’s form is perfect enough, not even the coaches’. Virtuosity is the goal. Do not talk when the coach is talking and move with the group when the coach instructs. This interferes with time management and the safety of each member of the class.
8. SCALE/MODIFICATIONS AND TIME CAPS ON THE WOD. Time caps will keep you from over-training. A high % of WODs will have time limits. There’s a science behind the programming, so don’t try to mess with it. We will scale workouts according to your needs less can be more!
9. POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND TALK. Attitude and effort earn respect. Work hard. Don’t drag people down with negativity. Be optimistic, have fun and push yourself and those around you to do better. When you are done with your WOD cheer others on or use your intuition if they need to be in their own zone. The last person to finish should get the most cheers. Be adult and curse at the correct times at your own risk.
10. SHOWING UP IS THE HARDEST PART. For newbies, make sure you’re staying consistent. For veterans, don’t start thinking that it’s okay to just do your own thing whenever you want to. There’s a myriad of reasons we have class. For starters, you’re less likely to bias yourself towards the things you’re good at; you’ll get some competition; and no matter how experienced you are, you still need coaching and you can still stand to work on the basics. If you have extra things you’re working on, there are special times right before or after class to work on them
11. INTEGRITY. Don’t cheat no one cares what your score was. Everyone cares if you cheated. Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself. You know what full range of motion is, so there’s no excuse for consecutive poor reps. If someone calls you out for doing something wrong, listen to him or her. The person standing around watching you work out has a much better perspective on what you’re doing than you do. If you see someone doing something that you’re pretty sure will hurt them, be assertive and ask them stop. It does not matter who it is. If anyone is deadlifting with a rounded back, you can call him or her out! Safety first!
12. CFUO CLASSES TAKE PRIORITY. When the group classes are running they take priority and are not to be interrupted please.
13. OPEN GYM. If your membership allows Our Open Gym time is for athletes to get their training done when they can’t get to a class, use the equipment without a coach at your own risk. Be safe look after yourself and our equipment. Remember to sign in for health and safety reasons.
14. THE NEIGHBOURS. We are in a very built up housing environment we want to be a positive stimulus on the community at large. Don’t play loud music, don’t smash heavy weights all the time (see rule 5). Be careful when exiting onto the road if running or in a car.

Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions
The following information has been produced to ensure that all members are assured of a comfortable and enjoyable experience on each and every one of their visits. Although the items in this list are detailed in their nature, it is anticipated that for the majority of members there will be little or no need ever to refer to them. They do however allow the management of thecentre to provide a service that we believe is second to none.

1. Release of Liability
1.1. Client’s acknowledgement and assumption of risk and full release from liability of CrossFit Urban Outlaws: client acknowledges that the training / nutritional service programs purchased hereunder includes participation in strenuous physical activities, including, but not limited to, running, weight training, stationary bicycling, gymnastic movements, various aerobic conditioning machinery and various nutritional programs offered by CrossFit Urban Outlaws (the “physical activities”).
1.2. Client acknowledges these physical activities involve the inherent risk of physical injuries or other damages, including, but not limited to, heart attacks, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat exhaustion, knee/lower back/foot injuries and any other illness, soreness, or injury,however caused, occurring during or after client’s participation in the physical activities.
1.3. Client further acknowledges that such risks include, but are not limited to, injuries caused by the negligence of an instructor orother person, defective or improperly used equipment, over-exertion of a client, slip and fall by client, or an unknown health problem of client.
1.4. Client agrees to assume all risk and responsibility arising from participation in the physical activities. Client affirms that client is in good physical condition and does not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit participation in the physical activities.
1.5. Client acknowledges participation will be physically and mentally challenging, andclient agrees that it is the responsibility of clientto seek competent medical advice regarding any concerns or questions concerning the ability of client to take part in CrossFit Urban Outlaws physical activities.
1.6. By signing this agreement, client affirms that he or she is capable of participating in the physical activities. Client agrees to assume all risk and responsibilities for exceeding his or her physical limits.
1.7. Client, on behalf of client, his or her heirs, assigns and next of kin, waives any claims against and releases CrossFit Urban Outlaws (as well as any of its owners, employees, or other authorized agents, including independent contractors) from any and all liability, claims and / or causes of action that client may have for injuries or other damages of any kind, including but not limited to punitive damages, arising out of participation in CrossFit Urban Outlaws activities, including, but not limited to the personal training / nutritional programs and the physical activities.
1.8. Members are particularly advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities for which they might be medically unfit. Members who have any reservations as to their physical condition are advised to have a medical check-up before embarking on any exercise. The exercise programmes and facilities provided are designed with safety in mind, these are however used entirely at the members’ own risk. All members must undergo a health check and basic supervised instruction session before using the gym.
1.9. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. Access to the gym and booking classes can be carried out using your personal login to our online scheduling software (CLUBRIGHT).
1.10. Members perspiring excessively are advised to take the appropriate steps to prevent it affecting other members and wipe equipment after use.
2. Gym membership agreement services
2.1. The service being requested is for coaching designed to progress you toward elite fitness.
2.2. The agreement is for coaching services over a specific period of time during which the student is eligible to partake in any and all activities in accordance with their membership package.
2.3. This is not an agreement for a specific number of classes, seminars, or coaching lessons during the agreed upon period.
3. Client’s right to cancel
3.1. The client may not terminate or cancel the agreement except as follows:
3.1.1. if by reason of death or disability, client is unable to receive all CrossFit Urban Outlaws services for which client has contracted, client and client’s estate shall be relieved from the obligation of making payment for services other than those received or obligated prior to death or the onset of disability (subject to signed doctor’s note regarding the nature of the disability); and
3.1.2. in the event the client moves further than 25 miles from CrossFit Urban Outlaws,client may terminate this agreement by supplying proof of new residence. If client has prepaid any sum for services, so much of such sum as has been allocated to services client has not taken shall be refunded.
4. Client’s right to hold
4.1. The client may, for periods of two weeks or longer, “put on hold” the agreement. The request to place the agreement on hold must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the hold dates (no retroactive holds) and must include an end date (or return date) with the following exceptions:
4.1.1.client is injured or sick, or client is pregnant and/or has had a baby. In both cases the return date will be mutually determined based on the recovery and recuperation of the client.
5. Client’s default
5.1. Client shall be deemed in default of this agreement upon the failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of the agreement, including, but not limited to, the obligation to make any payment as and when due. Upon default, CrossFit Urban Outlaws shall have all rights and remedies available, including termination of this agreement and institution of an action for all applicable damages.
5.2. If CrossFit Urban Outlaws delays or refrains from exercising any rights under this agreement, CrossFit Urban Outlaws does not waive, nor will CrossFit Urban Outlaws lose those rights. If CrossFit Urban Outlaws accepts late or partial payments from the buyer, CrossFit Urban Outlaws does not waive the right to receive full and timely payments and other charges due under this agreement.
Successors and assigns:
5.3. Client agrees that all terms and conditions of this agreement shall be binding upon the heirs, personal representatives, lawful successors, and assigns of client, and anyone claiming by or through client.

6. Enforceability
6.1. The parties agree that if any provision or portion of this agreement is declared void and unenforceable, such provision or portion of a provision shall be deemed severed from this agreement, which shall otherwise remain in full force and effect. However, client specifically agrees all the terms and conditions are to be enforced and client specifically waives any statute or other right of any type, which would invalidate the enforceability of any provision or portion of a provision of this agreement.

7. Legal fees
7.1. In the event either party finds it necessary to commerce litigation or other court action to enforce the terms and conditions of this agreement, the prevailing party in such litigation or court action shall be entitled to receive their actual lawyer’s fees incurred, together with court costs, and other charges from the other party as a part of any ruling or judgment.
8. Membership fees
8.1. Membership fees shall be fixed by CrossFit Urban Outlaws and may be altered at any time. Members will be notified (by notices posted on centre notice boards or in writing) of any changes in the fees prior to the date of the alteration.
8.2. On payment of membership fees, a member is entitled to use the centre facilities with frequency of use relating to the membership type.
8.3. The first membership subscription shall be due and payable on the signing of this agreement. Subsequent membership subscription shall be due and payable around 6days after direct debit setup.
8.4. All membership applications must be on the forms prescribed by the centre and applicants may be subject to an interview at the discretion of the centre.
8.5. The centre reserves the right to reject an application for membership, or refuse admission, without ascribing any reason.
8.6. Membership fees are payable according to the membership type selected.
9. Joiningfee
9.1. Joining fees are non refundable.
9.2. In the event of a membership subscription lapsing for any time an additional joining fee may be charged at the discretion of the management.
9.3. Upgrade of the membership can only be considered under the discretion of the management
9.4. From time to time joining fees may be waivered as special offers.

8. Standing orders & Auto debit
8.1. Monthly standing orders and auto debits are a full binding contract between CrossFit Urban Outlaws and the member and will automatically continue until CrossFit Urban Outlaws is notified otherwise.
8.2. Proof of partners residing at the same address is required at time of registration or renewal. Partner is defined as people cohabiting together as partners in life, or a parent and offspring (over 16 years of age) living at the same address.
9. Use of the Facilities
9.1. A member is entitled to use the centre’s facilities providing always that the centre may at any time withdraw all or part of its facilities for any period or periods and with notice, where practicable, in connection with any cleaning, repair, alteration, maintenance or security work, other work or for reasons beyond the control of the centre or CrossFit Urban Outlaws
10. Smoking
10.1. Please note that CrossFit Urban Outlaws has been designated a non-smoking environment. The whole site is a no smoking site.
11. Social Activities
11.1. The centre reserves the right at any time, and without notice, to set aside facilities for exhibitions or other social activities.
12. Safety and hygiene
12.1. In the interest of safety and hygiene, no crockery or glasses are allowed in the centre.
12.2. We have a dog present in the centre, no members pets allowed only with the exception of guide dogs.
13. Fire Emergency plan
13.1. In the event of a fire, members are asked to make their way in an orderly fashion to the nearest available exit.
13.2. Emergency lighting is provided to aid escape in the dark.
13.3. Members are requested not to fight the fire but leave the premises and call the fire brigade.
14. Medical Emergency plan
14.1. In the event of a medical emergency the first aider on duty will assess the medical need and provide treatment and call for help.
14.2. Members with relevant training are encouraged to help and call for the ambulance service.
15. Lost property
15.1. All lost property found on the premises should be handed into the centre reception. Items will be stored for one month and then donated to local charities.

16. Liability
16.1. The centre’s liability for loss or damage to members’ property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a result of negligence of the centre, its staff or agents. Without exception the centre will not accept liability for money, valuables or other personal property of members.
16.2. The centre reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to refuse to store any such personal property of members. Property stored in lockers provided by the centre of its agents is stored at the owner’s risk and no liability for the loss or damage thereto will be accepted by the centre.
16.3. The centre cannot accept any liability for any accident to any member or guest that may occur on the premises other than the liability which may arise from negligence of the centre, its staff or agents.
16.4. Any member who suffers an accident on the centre premises must report the accident, and the circumstances under which it occurred, to a staff member immediately following the accident.
16.5. Neither CrossFit Urban Outlaws, its health & fitness specialist instructors or other employees, servants or agents (including every independent contractor from time to time employed by CrossFit Urban Outlaws) shall in any circumstances whatsoever be under any liability whatsoever to the applicant for any loss, damage or injury (including death) whether accidental or otherwise of whatsoever kind arising during or resulting from participating in the exercise programme.
17. Termination of Membership
17.1. If you are on a 6 Month Contract; you may not cancel your membership within your initial 12; 6 month commitment period respectively. After your initial 6 month commitment period you may give us written notice of your wish to cancel with one months notice, requests received before or on the calendar month will be processed at the end of that given month. CrossFit Urban Outlaws is not liable to refund any monies should the receipt of cancellation not be received in accordance with this clause.
17.2. If you are on a month by month contract, you may give us written notice of your wish to cancel with one months notice,
17.3. CrossFit Urban Outlaws is not liable to refund any monies should the receipt of cancellation not be received in accordance with this clause.
17.4. The centre reserves the right to refuse admission and/or to expel or suspend any member forthwith if any member shall, in the opinion of the centre, cause nuisance or annoyance to the other centre members or guests; and for any breach of the centre’s rules or misuse of centre facilities, or for any other reason which the centre may deem appropriate.
18. Suspension of membership
18.1. Suspension for medical reasons will require support in writing from your doctor and will only apply from the date of receipt of the letter. A letter from your doctor will be required on your return to fitness.
18.2. Suspension for any other reason must be requested in writing two weeks in advance.
18.3. Suspension of a twelve-month contract will result in the initial commitment period being extended for the length of the suspension.
18.4. Suspension of a six-month contract will result in the initial commitment period being extended for the length of the suspension.
18.5. All suspensions are at the discretion of the management.
19. General
19.1. Members must at all times observe the membership rules and Gym Rules, and comply with any reasonable directions which the manager may give to ensure the smooth operation of the centre, the facilities and the convenience of members.
19.2. No credit shall be granted by the centre to any member. Any and all costs incurred by the members during their visit to the centre must be paid prior to leaving the centre.
19.3. Any dispute or difference which may arise with regard to the interpretation of these rules shall be determined by the manager whose decision shall be final.
19.4. CrossFit Urban Outlaws reserves the right to amend these rules and all tariff charges at any time and without notice to the individual members although notification of the change will be displayed on the centre notice boards. If any provision in these rules is declared illegal or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
20. Data Protection Act
20.1. CrossFit Urban Outlaws abides by the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will keep the information provided by you on computer for the purpose of administrating the membership. In addition CrossFit Urban Outlaws will use the records to notify you of leisure activities organised by CrossFit Urban Outlaws. By signing and returning the membership form you will be deemed to be giving your explicit consent to the processing of data contained on it, including anything which may be considered to be sensitive personal data.
21. Governing Law and Jurisdiction of the Courts
21.1. This agreement shall be governed by and construed with English Law and the parties agree to submit any disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
Terms and Conditions of Sale
22. Pricing
22.1. We may change the advertised price of a product at any time. The price you pay will be the price in force at the time of your order. The price on your order will be validated by us as part of our acceptance of your order. We try to ensure prices displayed on our website are correct at all times. However, should a pricing error arise we will inform you of the correct price before we take payment and you may choose to either proceed with or cancel theorder. All prices include VAT at 20%.
22.2. The information, servicesand products provided on and throughout this site are subject to change without notice. In the event of a genuine website error or inaccuracy we reserve the right to withdraw an offer immediately. We also reserve the right to cancel all confirmed orders that are subject to genuine website error or inaccuracy. All products offered are subject to availability.

23. Payment
23.1. Payment is taken when the order is placed. Please note that orders must be paid for in full before they are dispatched.Credit / debit card orders can only be delivered to the card holders address.
24. Delivery
24.1. All delivery charges are automatically calculated in line with the dimensions and weight(s) of your purchase(s), these will all be clearly shown during the checkout process, prior to any payment being requested. For deliveries to the Channel Islands, IOM, IOW and ScottishIslands , we may need to contact you after you have placed the order to discuss an amended delivery charge. If at any time we have to amend a delivery charge, you will be free to cancel the order at no cost. We use the Royal Mail where possible for shipping, and endeavour to deliver to you within 10 days of placing your order.
25. Warranty
25.1. All products are warranted to arrive in good working condition. No other warranties are offered or implied.
26. Cancellations and Returns
26.1. If you wish to cancel an order you must let us know in writing. You may cancel your order for a full refund prior to your order being shipped. If you cancel your order after it has been shipped, you are responsible for any and all freight charges incurred by CrossFit Urban Outlaws. Any unpaid freight charges will be deducted from your refund. We advise you to check the status of your order before you cancel.
26.2. Under Distance Selling Regulations you have the right to cancel your order for a full refund up to 7 days after receiving the goods. However, the goods must be in an unused condition and all packaging must be intact. In thisinstance you will be liable for all delivery charges incurred by CrossFit Urban Outlaws.
If a product is either received faulty or it develops a fault, please in the first instance contact us at Crossfiturbanoutlaws@outlook.com and have your proof of purchase ready.
26.3. If products arrive in a damaged condition you must make a note on the carrier’s delivery note where possible and inform us within 7 working days of the delivery. CrossFit Urban Outlaws will, at its option, repair the product, replace the product or issue a refund. You will not be charged for the cost of returning a defective product.
Website Legal Notice
Visitors to our Website are required to accept the following terms and conditions in return for the information given about us, our business and the services we provide through our Web site.
27. Conditions ofwebsite Use
27.1. We use our reasonable efforts to include accurate and up to date information on our web pages. Information is for guidance only and is not intended to form any part of a contract and can be subject to change without notice. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or cumulative losses or damages arising out of the use or inability to use these pages, any errors, misrepresentations or omissions on the material contained on them.

27.2. The information on these web pages has been prepared with reasonable care and is believed by us to be legal, honest, decent and truthful as of the date of its preparation.
27.3. You agree that the material downloaded or otherwise accessed through the use of our web pages is obtained entirely at your own risk and that you will be entirely responsible for any resulting damage to software or computer systems and/or any resulting loss of data even if we have been advised of the possibility of any such damage.
27.4. We do not accept any liability in connection with any third party web sites which may be linked or accessible through our own Web site and we do not endorse or approve the contents of any such site.
27.5. In relation to a dispute arising out of this Web site you the user and we, CrossFit Urban Outlaws agree to submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
27.6. Except where expressly stated to the contrary the text and graphics in the information contained in this Web site is the copyright of CrossFit Urban Outlaws. You may download or print out individual selections of these web pages only if explicitly used for your own personal information and not to be publicly reproduced. Permanent copying or storage of whole or part of this Web site or the information contained in it or reproduction or incorporation of any part of it in any other work or publication whether on paper or electronic media or any other form is expressly prohibited.
27.7. The entire contents of these web pages remain our property and are copyright with all rights reserved.
28. Privacy Policy
28.1. Thank you for visiting CrossFit Urban Outlaws. This privacy policy tells you how we use personal information collected at this site. Please read this privacy policy before using the site or submitting any personal information. By using the site, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy. These practices may be changed, but any changes will be posted and changes will only apply to activities and information on a going forward, not retroactive basis. You are encouraged to review the privacy policy whenever you visit the site to make sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.

28.2. Note: the privacy practices set forth in this privacy policy are for web sites within the CrossFit Urban Outlaws portfolio. If you link to other third party web sites, please review the privacy policies posted at those sites. The CrossFit Urban Outlaws is not responsible for how data or information is treated/handled by any third party web site that is linked to from our sites.

29. Collection of Information
29.1. We collect personally identifiable information, like names, postal addresses, email addresses, etc., when voluntarily submitted by our visitors. The information you provide is used to fulfill your specific request. This information is only used to fulfill your specific request, unless you give us permission to use it in another manner, forexample to add you to one of our mailing lists.

30. Cookie/Tracking Technology
30.1. The Site may use cookie and tracking technology depending on the features offered. Cookie and tracking technology are useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the Site, and understanding how visitors use the Site. Cookies can also help customize the Site for visitors. Personal information cannot be collected via cookies and other tracking technology, however, if you previously provided personally identifiable information, cookies may be tied to such information. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.

31.Distribution of Information
31.1. We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. We may do so when: (1) permitted or required by law; or, (2) trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud or unauthorized transactions; or, (3) investigating fraud which has already taken place. The information is not provided to these companies for marketing purposes.

32.Terms And Conditions

GDPR Compliance Statement


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) comes into force across the European Union on 25th May 2018 and brings with it the most significant changes to data protection law in two decades. Based on privacy by design and taking a risk-based approach, the GDPR has been designed to meet the requirements of the digital age.

The 21st Century brings with it broader use of technology, new definitions of what constitutes personal data, and a vast increase in cross-border processing. The new Regulation aims to standardize data protection laws and processing across the EU; affording individuals stronger, more consistent rights to access and control their personal information.

Our Commitment

CrossFit Urban Outlaws are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. We have always had a robust and effective data protection program in place which complies with existing law and abides by the data protection principles. However, we recognise our obligations in updating and expanding this program to meet the demands of the GDPR and the [UK’s Data Protection Bill/ENGLAND DP law].

CrossFit Urban Outlaws are dedicated to safeguarding the personal information under our remit and in developing a data protection regime that is effective, fit for purpose and demonstrates an understanding of, and appreciation for the new Regulation. Our preparation and objectives for GDPR compliance have been summarised in this statement and include the development and implementation of new data protection roles, policies, procedures, controls and measures to ensure maximum and ongoing compliance.

How We are Preparing for the GDPR

CrossFit Urban Outlaws already have a consistent level of data protection and security across our organisation, however it is our aim to be fully compliant with the GDPR by [25th May 2018]. Our preparation includes: –

  • Information Audit – carrying out a company-wide information audit to identify and assess what personal information we hold, where it comes from, how and why it is processed and if and to whom it is disclosed.
  • Policies & Procedures – [revising/implementing new] data protection policies and procedures to meet the requirements and standards of the GDPR and any relevant data protection laws, including: –
    • Data Protection – our main policy and procedure document for data protection has been overhauled to meet the standards and requirements of the GDPR. Accountability and governance measures are in place to ensure that we understand and adequately disseminate and evidence our obligations and responsibilities; with a dedicated focus on privacy by design and the rights of individuals.
    • Data Retention & Erasure – we have updated our retention policy and schedule to ensure that we meet the ‘data minimisation’ and ‘storage limitation’ principles and that personal information is stored, archived and destroyed compliantly and ethically. We have dedicated erasure procedures in place to meet the new ‘Right to Erasure’ obligation and are aware of when this and other data subject’s rights apply; along with any exemptions, response timeframes and notification responsibilities.
    • Data Breaches – our breach procedures ensure that we have safeguards and measures in place to identify, assess, investigate and report any personal data breach at the earliest possible time. Our procedures are robust and have been disseminated to all employees, making them aware of the reporting lines and steps to follow.
    • Subject Access Request (SAR) – we have revised our SAR procedures to accommodate the revised 30-day timeframe for providing the requested information and for making this provision free of charge. Our new procedures detail how to verify the data subject, what steps to take for processing an access request, what exemptions apply and a suite of response templates to ensure that communications with data subjects are compliant, consistent and adequate.
  • Legal Basis for Processing – we are reviewing all processing activities to identify the legal basis for processing and ensuring that each basis is appropriate for the activity it relates to. Where applicable, we also maintain records of our processing activities, ensuring that our obligations under Article 30 of the GDPR and Schedule 1 of the Data Protection Bill are met.
  • Privacy Notice/Policy – we are revising our Privacy Notice(s) to comply with the GDPR, ensuring that all individuals whose personal information we process have been informed of why we need it, how it is used, what their rights are, who the information is disclosed to and what safeguarding measures are in place to protect their information.
  • Obtaining Consent – we are revising our consent mechanisms for obtaining personal data, ensuring that individuals understand what they are providing, why and how we use it and giving clear, defined ways to consent to us processing their information. We have developed stringent processes for recording consent, making sure that we can evidence an affirmative opt-in, along with time and date records; and an easy to see and access way to withdraw consent at any time.
  • Direct Marketing – we are revising the wording and processes for direct marketing, including clear opt-in mechanisms for marketing subscriptions; a clear notice and method for opting out and providing unsubscribe features on all subsequent marketing materials.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) – where we process personal information that is considered high risk, involves large scaleprocessing or includes special category/criminal conviction data; we have developed stringent procedures and assessment templates for carrying out impact assessments that comply fully with the GDPR’s Article 35 requirements. We have implemented documentation processes that record each assessment, allow us to rate the risk posed by the processing activity and implement mitigating measures to reduce the risk posed to the data subject(s).
  • Processor Agreements – where we use any third-party to process personal information on our behalf (i.e. Payroll, Recruitment, Hosting etc), we have drafted compliant Processor Agreements and due diligence procedures for ensuring that they (as well as we), meet and understand their/our GDPR obligations. These measures include initial and ongoing reviews of the service provided, the necessity of the processing activity, the technical and organizational measures in place and compliance with the GDPR.
  • Special Categories Data – where we obtain and process any special category information, we do so in complete compliance with the Article 9 requirements and have high-level encryptions and protections on all such data. Special category data is only processed where necessary and is only processed where we have first identified the appropriate Article 9(2) basis or the Data Protection Bill Schedule 1 condition. Where we rely on consent for processing, this is explicit and is verified by a signature, with the right to modify or remove consent being clearly signposted.

Data Subject Rights

In addition to the policies and procedures mentioned above that ensure individuals can enforce their data protection rights, we provide easy to access information via our website, during induction etc of an individual’s right to access any personal information that My Fitness Local LTD processes about them and to request information about: –

  • What personal data we hold about them
  • The purposes of the processing
  • The categories of personal data concerned
  • The recipients to whom the personal data has/will be disclosed
  • How long we intend to store your personal data for
  • If we did not collect the data directly from them, information about the source
  • The right to have incomplete or inaccurate data about them corrected or completed and the process for requesting this
  • The right to request erasure of personal data (where applicable) or to restrict processing in accordance with data protection laws, as well as to object to any direct marketing from us and to be informed about any automated decision-making that we use
  • The right to lodge a complaint or seek judicial remedy and who to contact in such instances

Information Security & Technical and Organisational Measures

CrossFit Urban Outlaws takes the privacy and security of individuals and their personal information very seriously and take every reasonable measure and precaution to protect and secure the personal data that we process. We have robust information security policies and procedures in place to protect personal information from unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction and have several layers of security measures, including: – the Use of our management system CLUBRIGHT.

Password policy, encryptions, restriction, IT, authentication

GDPR Roles and Employees

CrosssFit Urban Outlaws understands that continuous employee awareness and understanding is vital to the continued compliance of the GDPR and have involved our employees in our preparation plans. We have implemented an employee training program specific to which will be provided to all employees prior to May 25th, 2018, and forms part of our induction and annual training program.

If you have any questions about our preparation for the GDPR, please contact Louis French CrossFit Urban Outlaws

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